The Bell Ringer

These are reviews by two children at a local school who read the manuscript before the book was printed in order to get feedback before publication. The reviews have been edited so the plot is not compromised.

Quote:- “I thought this book was excellent but it did take me some time to get into it. It is a great book and I give it 9.5 out of 10.”
Matthew Smith. Age 11 (After this comment I re-wrote the first couple of chapters to bring the action forward before the book was printed.).

Quote:-”I really enjoyed reading this mystery it was really interesting. The story was so thrilling it made my spine tingle, it was a genius idea I loved reading. I loved the sence of mystery, I felt like I was there with them. You really painted a picture. A brilliant ending to a brilliant book. Overall the book was amazingly good and I really enjoyed reading it. All the way through the book was interesting, thrilling and a page turner.”
Lottie Williamson. Age 11

Other comments and reviews:

Email from Australia:- Aug 19 2014
Fantastic read, Michael. Loved the pick-up of pace as the story unfolds.
Having just finished writing a biography for 10-15 year olds, I appreciate the effort to write a good read for young people. You nailed it, I believe.
Ken (Australia).

Described by a retired headmaster as: “An adult book for children”.

A message from someone who bought the book from my daughter for his own daughter:
Quote:- “Best compliment I can give on your Dad’s book : Eleanor has put down her Blackberry and her IPod, and is totally engrossed! Quite remarkable…..!”.

Quote:- This was a breathtaking book. At times I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for the next. Daniel Barnett. Message left on Facebook page.

Quote:-Good book to read. Liked the action. Want to read more. Message left on Facebook page by Shelby 17th Jan 2014.

Quote:-This book was really interesting when I got to the end I was on the end of my seat!! Message left on Facebook page by Paul Middleston 27th Jan 2014.

An email message from Julie-Ann Lewis after her son read the book: Jack has read your book The Bell Ringer which he thought was very good. Mysterious exciting and enjoyable.
He liked how you introduced the characters. He felt he could use his imagination to picture them.
He loved the beginning because it was thrilling and caught his attention straight away.

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